How long has Tile Factory been involved in the tile industry?2016-07-12T11:01:15+10:00

Tile Factory began selling tiles to the Queensland market back in 1982 and has now become one of the largest tile wholesalers in Queensland.

Why is Tile Factory different from other tile wholesalers?2016-07-12T11:18:55+10:00

Tile Factory takes great pride in the level of service and support we provide our customers. We are actively looking at ways we can provide better merchandising support, better marketing support and improved service to help our retail customers sell more tiles. All of our products are backed by our 10 Year Quality Product Guarantee and we stand by this claim 100%.

Are Tile Factory products backed by a guarantee?2016-07-12T11:20:10+10:00

Yes. All of our products are covered by our 10 Year Quality Product Guarantee.

What support does Tile Factory offer it’s customers?2016-07-12T11:20:42+10:00

Each Tile Factory customer has an assigned Sales Representative who will provide them with merchandising and marketing support. This will inlcude providing first time samples, display boards, instore displays and product training for your staff. From time to time we may also have available product flyers and point of sale material to help support specific Tile Factory promotions which are provided to our customers at no charge.

How do I become a Tile Factory customer?2016-07-12T11:21:38+10:00

Unlike other wholesalers Tile Factory is selective when taking on new customers and likes to offer a level of exclusivity within a given area. For this reason, you will first need to contact our Customer Service department to arrange one of our Sales Representatives to contact you to evaluate the opportunities in your area.

How do I place an order with Tile Factory?2016-07-12T11:22:08+10:00

All orders placed with Tile Factory must be made in writing in the form of a purchase order. This can be done either by Fax or email. We also have an online facility available where customers can access our inventory and place orders in real time via the internet. This is the easiest and quickest way to place an order and is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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